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A Bit More About Us

100% Digital


We are conscious of our carbon footprint. Our company is 100% digital (ok, maybe 99% as we do still have physical business cards). We use no paper, pens, printing etc. In our modern era of digital technology, we embrace this and promote it through our company.

We are Australian


Setup by Australians, for Australians and employing from within our own country. Having a social conscience and wanting to employ locally and keep the money within our country, rather than go global with virtual assistance, we employ our staff on a remote basis, mostly work from home mothers, as there is a great talent pool out there.

Embracing a changing workforce


As a company we save on transportation infrastructure, time, energy and costs which all have a lower impact on the carbon footprint and the economy of today. All of our staff work from remote locations, even from all over the world when they travel.  Technology allows us to embrace the ever changing work culture, providing flexible working conditions for our staff and their families.